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The Shareholder Service Optimizer, first published in 1994, is "dedicated to helping public companies – and their suppliers – deliver better and more cost-effective services to shareholders".

It shows readers how to "optimize" their spending on investor relations and on their investor servicing programs (i.e. to improve plans and programs, get better results for the same money... and often for less) and to take maximum advantage of technology.  It also covers regulatory developments, corporate governance developments, "the vendor scene, websites of interest and highlights best and worst practices.

Who Subscribes Now:

  • Corporate Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries
  • Corporate Governance Officers
  • Compliance and Ethics Officers
  • Investor Relations Officers
  • Shareholder Relations Managers
  • Law Firms
  • IR Advisory Firms
  • Other Suppliers to Publicly-Traded Companies, such as transfer agents, financial printers, proxy solicitors and advisors.

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